The Institute for Transport and Logistics (ITL) is a research institute in the fields of mobility, transport & logistics. ITL has 3 operational premises in Bologna, Piacenza & Ravenna, in Emilia-Romagna, Italy. The offices are located in key nodes for the transport and logistics sector in the region. Around 15 project managers are currently working as employees for ITL, and wide is network of experts of which ITL can count for the development and implementation of its several activities. ITL’s shareholders are: Emilia-Romagna Region, Local Authorities (Municipalities and Provinces), the Universities in Emilia-Romagna & Ravenna Port Authority.

ITL is the Logistics Competence Centre (LoCC) in Emilia-Romagna & it holds the Presidency of the European Network of LoCCs - EU network of Logistics Competence Centers (Open ENLoCC).

ITL is particularly active in EU research and cooperation projects: it is involved and it has been involved in more than 40  international / EU transport and logistics projects.